Full Instagram Training


One of the popular Android apps, Instagram, is an attractive app for people who like to display their pictures and videos. About 5 million Iranians have installed and used this program, which is an indication of the popularity of the Instagram. So we decided to give you the general tutorial for this app for you on Android City enthusiasts, so stay tuned to us.

1.registration process:

Enter the program and fill out the registration form as shown

Username must be unique and not already selected.

You can choose an image for your profile.

Note your password so that it can not be forgotten.

If you wish, you can add your Facebook contacts by going through the boycott.

You can skip this step by skipping Skip.

Choose a blue option if you would like to add your mobile contacts.

You can skip this step by skipping Skip.

The registration process is now complete and you are logged in with your username. Now you can enjoy the app.

2. Explain the different parts of the program:

  • 1: You see a list of your posts. This list is made up of small houses.
  • 2: Shows your list of posts in a stack.
  • 3: Share your location to others. GPS positioning is done.
  • 4: There are some pictures shared with others in this section.
  • 5: Home page, home page, where other posts can be viewed.
  • 6: If you are looking for a certain person, you can find and follow it by entering the name.
  • 7: You can share your movies and pictures here.
  • 8: You can see a list of followers and followers. You can accept others’ requests to follow you.
  • 9: See all the settings for the username, and the number of posts and the number of posts in this section.

3.Description Edit your profile

By tapping this option, you can make more advanced settings for your profile, you can enter your biography or place your website address.

By clicking on the three top points of the page you will enter the settings of the program.

Change your password to the specified option and define a new password.

1: Select this option if you want to add an account for other programs, such as Facebook and … to your InStA account.

2: Define the quality of your uploaded images. Normal and Basic are two default modes.

4.ways to post on Instagram:

Filling the above mentioned is completely optional.

5.ways to chat with others:

Clicking on the + sign will show a list of those who follow you to select the person or people you want.

Type and write your text at the bottom of the page.

If you send texts to people who have not followed them, your message will be waiting to allow the person to receive it.


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